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Be the best professional trained mortgage broker in a brokerage that devotes itself to help you succeed.

Who are we?

Our Vision

Our Vision is to reinvent the way Mortgage Professionals do Business, by providing them with a platform that will help them build successful careers In order to become the most Respected Mortgage Service Providers

Who are we looking for?

We looking for...

How You Benefit By Joining MortgagesLab

Become a PhD Mortgage Professional

Mortgage expertise will differentiate you among other Mortgage Brokers & bank specialists.

The Art of Mortgage Lead Generation

Get to the point where your problem becomes too many clients to service.

The Fullfillment of Making a difference

See the happiness of your clients become your happiness.  The opportunity of helping others via mortgages.

Who Is MortgagesLab For?


Bank Mortgage Specialists who want to provide choice to their clients, more income to their families and a better control over their future career


Professional mortgage brokers that when in conflict will choose doing the right thing vs compensation or volume


Professional Mortgage Brokers that understand that grit, dedication, commitment and consistency will elevate them to heights above their own goals


MortgagesLab is not for brokers who have multiple licenses and want to provide multiple services to the same clients


MortgagesLab is not for brokers who need a job only to pay the bills or who may be in financial distress in the short term if they do not close mortgage business soon

How You Will Achieve Mortgage Expertise at MortgagesLab

Technical Lab: Develop your expertise on the technical part of the mortgage business with systems and processes, weekly training and mortgage problem solving

Sales Lab: Develop your expertise on providing and presenting expert mortgage solutions and becoming the trusted mortgage advisor of your clients

Marketing Lab: Develop your expertise in sourcing and keeping a large number of clients that you can help with mortgage solutions

Mortgages Lab

We are looking for mortgage professionals who want to become the best they can be

If you believe you’d be a good fit for our team, contact us so that we can find out more about you!

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#102 – 6396 197th St, Langley, BC, V2Y 2T2

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Phone: 778-588-7000
Fax: 778-897-0968

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